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The SSK is an institute designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers. The school culture encourages students to take a risk when developing new ideas and considering the solution to the problems. At SSK, leadership is taught within the school’s curriculum as well as through a whole range of opportunities such as leading clubs and societies and sports teams. The SSK School’s commitment to social service is a part of its founder’s mission. Each student is expected to understand and actively participate in school’s social services curriculum. The school leads the way in high-quality research, teaching and professional education. At SSKPS in the second fastest-growing city in the world, the aspirations and potential of every student are fostered, nurtured, and challenged. In accordance with our mission statement, The SSKPS, India is dedicated to inspiring the pursuit of lifelong learning, an appreciation for beauty, and the development of character. These values, coupled with physical activity, artistic endeavors, and service to others, ensure that our students are well equipped for life beyond the school walls.


Dr. Neha Pundir

In the modern concept of schooling, teaching has become redundant, paving way for facilitation of learning through knowledge sharing. In all this whirlwind of new age technology, it is important to charge ahead but with ones head firmly on one’s shoulders. SSKPS is the only school in the of the entire Ghaziabad which is imparting […]


We at SSK believe that the objective of education is not only to make children literate but to mold them in such a manner so that they discharge their social obligation in a better way and become good citizens of the country. I have always felt that having an opportunity to get educated in SSKPS. […]


The SSK is the best school I have ever seen. I like modern premises and method of teaching based on real life. Every single topic taught in this school is oriented on its practical aspects. Our teachers always put an emphasis on showing us how current topic corresponds with the mathematical theory and what its […]


The School Provides each student, an international and exciting educational experience designed to become a caring, thoughtful, principled and well-balanced human being. Students will have opportunities to become technologically literate, learn to communicate effectively, and take a risk in a supportive environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes you stand out from other schools?  

    The SSKPS School is one of the only schools in NCR that spans the length of childhood. While embracing the individual and allowing the child to lead and discover, students at SSKPS are also given opportunities to assume authentic leadership roles and develop an age-appropriate sophistication. We are a warm, down-to-earth, respectful community. Status isn’t important to us here. We value children as leaders and view parents as partners throughout this momentous and endearing journey toward adolescence.

  • What do SSKPS alumni have in common?  

    Time and again, we are told by ongoing schools how confident, collaborative, and poised our alumni are. It is not unusual to hear former students rattling off about coding, foreign policy, basketball stats, or the latest exhibit at the Met. Our students go off into the world having built life-long friendships in our courtyard and hallways, armed with the everlasting inquisitiveness and curiosity that is characteristic to a Montessori education.

  • How will SSKPS communicate with me about my child’s progress?  

    Many times in a year, parents engage in parent-teacher conferences with their child’s homeroom teacher. In addition, in-depth report cards are mailed out twice a year, which detail each child’s progress based on a number of competencies, skills, characteristics, and practices. Teachers are also frequently in touch with families via email and phone calls, and parents are welcome to request appointments to discuss a child’s progress as necessary.

  • How would you describe a SSKPS student?  

    A SSKPS student is unique! Each child brings a sense of whimsy and rigor to work and play, and their individuality is encouraged here. Based on the teachings of Maria Montessori to let the child lead, SSKPS students are instilled with a sense of independence early on, which fosters a sense of confidence, and inquisitiveness.

  • Do you have payment options?  

    You can do the payment through cheque, NEFT, IMPS you can also submit DD in the favor of SSK Public School the fess can be divided into a maximum of three payments.

  • How does the admission process work?  

    We want to know as much as possible about our students before they start studying. Therefore, we have an essay prepared for the applicants, personal interview with a representative of the selection committee and a test in English.

  • What is project-based learning?  

    Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an innovative, systematic teaching method that promotes student engagement through deep investigations of complex questions. Put simply: It’s learning by doing.
    At its best, the PBL focuses on imparting specific knowledge and skills while inspiring students to question actively, think critically, and draw connections between their studies and the real world.

  • What is the focus of SSKPS?  

    The primary focus of education should be to shape and mold happy, healthy and productive members of society. Although even that is too human-centric for my liking. Our mindset needs to expand from not just being a member of society to being humans of this world. In this way focusing not only on how we can best fit into and contribute on a social platform but also on an environmental and worldly one.

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